Teresa B


Photo credit: The Bartlinski’s blog, Our Place Called Home

I can’t stop thinking about this little girl.

Teresa B just went in to the Operating Room at the Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania for another heart surgery. She had surgery a few days ago but then went into cardiac arrest for 30 minutes. She’s been on ECMO, which is the same life support machine Emmy was on, ever since.

I’ve been following her story for the past week, when someone from our Williams syndrome community posted it on Facebook.

Teresa’s story is different from ours, but it brings me right back to that hospital room. It’s as if I’m sitting in front of the life support machine all over again, praying for Emmy to come back to us.

There are days when I practically forget that Emmy was on life support a few weeks ago. And there are days when I am right back there — watching the blood pump through the tubes coming out of her chest.

Here is Teresa’s story. Please pray for this sweet little girl as she undergoes surgery right now.

(This blog has music, so you may want to mute.)


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