We Have Each Other


I’ve been at a loss for words this week. My friend has experienced a tragic loss that defies words and explanations.

There are many thoughts that have gone through my mind over the past few days. Why do bad things happen to good people? How can life be so fragile? Where are the miracles that I’ve dreamed about?

I’ve been thinking, thinking, thinking. And then something so strong came into my head, as if I didn’t even think it myself: “We have each other.”

Even if my questions do not have answers, we are standing strong together. Our hugs have been so tight. We’ve felt other people’s tears against our own cheeks. We’ve grasped hands and rubbed backs. We’ve leaned on one another.

We can’t predict the future, but there is comfort in knowing that we can rely on others to help us get through the tough times. These personal connections are essential.

This is what I know: It is my honor to support my friends. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow. We have each other.

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