Knock Knock


I’m always curious about how much Emmy understands. She only says a few words, but she probably comprehends much more than I realize.

When I’m driving the kids to school, the car is full of Charlotte’s animated chatter. Every once in a while, Emmy will catch a word she knows and shout it out: “EAT!” or “NAP!” or “MOO!”

This morning, we were making up “Knock Knock” jokes as only 3 year olds can.

“Knock knock,” Charlotte would start.

“Who’s there?” I would ask.


“Banana who?”

“Banana on your head! HAHAHAHA! Isn’t that funny, mom?”

Charlotte and I went back and forth with our jokes, each more nonsensical than the next.

Emmy sat quietly, watching our banter in the car mirror. Listening to every word–every giggle.

When we arrived at school, I took Emmy out of her carseat and gave her a kiss.

She smiled secretively, curled her little fingers into a fist, gently rapped my shoulder, and said, “Knock knock.”

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