This is How I Feel


This is Emmy watching her sister leave for school, and this is how I feel right now. After a few weeks of working stealthily on my blog, I’m going to make it public. And all I can think is “Waaaaah I don’t wanna!”

My problem is that I have this little itch that hasn’t gone away since I was 6 years old (that’s a persistent itch!), and it keeps telling me to write. But I’m nervous… I’m nervous about sharing my business around town, putting my kids’ pictures online, inviting others to judge my work…I’m nervous about all of it.

But I also realize that I have a need to share our story. I’ve benefitted from the stories of so many other families, and I’d like to join the circle.

So here is where this particular story begins: The Story of a Smile

And here is a look of hope:


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